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2023 Trends in Autonomous Driving
As 2023 kicks into gear, the promises and challenges of autonomous vehicle development are evermore present. What trends and major predictions can we expect for this year?

Attend Sama’s panel where Sama’s machine-learning and autonomous driving experts take a deep dive into the latest research and trends. Hear from Sama’s teams that work directly with OEMs and Tier 1s like GM, Ford, and Continental.

Senior Product Manager Renata Walker will moderate a panel chat featuring:
-Duncan Curtis, Senior VP of Product
-Frédéric Ratle, Head of AI
-Victoria Grempel, Transportation and Robotics Account Executive

All have long-standing experience in working with the best machine-learning teams in the world to build or source solutions that directly impact the computer vision models powering autonomous driving. They’re in uniquely-qualified positions to shed light on what to expect from self-driving cars and the impact that artificial intelligence will have on them in 2023 and beyond.

Take your autonomous driving projects to the next level by learning about:

-The current state of the art in machine learning in autonomous driving
-Likely innovations you’ll see in 2023
-How human-in-the-loop (HITL) annotation is critical to all autonomous-driving applications


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Duncan Curtis
Senior Vice-President of Product @Sama
Duncan Curtis has extensive experience in developing AI and computer vision technologies for autonomous vehicles. He previously led product management at autonomous vehicle startup, Zoox, where he applied automotive, robotics, and renewable energy technologies to address the challenges of autonomous mobility. Earlier, at Google Play, Curtis impacted the gaming experiences of more than one billion daily active users. His bachelor’s degree in computer software engineering comes from Queensland University of Technology.
Frédéric Ratle
Head of AI @Sama
Frédéric Ratle is currently Head of AI at Sama, where he leads machine learning research and development. He has close to 15 years of industry experience in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition. Prior to Sama, Frédéric has held research and management positions at Nuance Communications, where he improved speech and NLP systems for Healthcare and Automotive customers, and at AutomatAI, where he built conversational product recommendation systems. He holds a B.Eng. and M.Sc. from the Ecole polytechnique de Montréal (Canada), and a PhD from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland).
Victoria Grempel
Transportation & Robotics Account Executive @Sama
Victoria Grempel is Sama’s Transportation and Robotics Account Executive. Her clients include Ford, General Motors, other North American OEMs, Tier 1s, robotics, and agtech companies. Her project portfolio includes a variety of computer vision use cases including ADAS/AV technology deployed on over 400,000 miles of road today to in-cabin monitoring, manufacturing and quality assurance projects. Victoria is passionate about Sama’s dedication to ethical AI practices, and has spoken on the topic in various forums including Microsoft’s bi-annual Machine Learning and Data Science conference, podcasts, and news interviews.
Renata Walker
Senior Product Manager @Sama
Currently a Lead Product Manager at Sama, Renata is passionate about the intersection of technology and social impact. She manages Sama’s data labeling products to ensure high-quality training data efficiently and reliably reaches our customers. Experienced in both product and business intelligence, Renata is a proven leader who takes a user-centric approach to expanding Sama’s capabilities and features. When not at work, you can usually find Renata playing Altiplanic instruments and enjoying time outdoors