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How to pick the best data labeling solution, and what you should consider when choosing a partner
For companies striving to unlock the full potential of machine learning, access to accurate and scalable datasets often represents a significant bottleneck. This is in part because many common approaches to data labeling come with tradeoffs between accuracy, cost, and time investment.

In this interactive webinar, Jerome Pasquero, Senior Product Manager at Sama, will cover the pros and cons of different approaches to annotation – from in-house data annotation to crowd-based methods and beyond.

You’ll learn:
-The pros and cons of in-house vs outsourcing data annotation;
-The key differences between crowdsourcing and managed workforces;
-What you should consider when choosing an annotation partner.


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Jerome Pasquero
Lead Product Manager @Sama
As Lead Product Manager at Sama, Jerome Pasquero leads the expansion of Sama's AI Product & Solutions portfolio. Jerome brings extensive experience leading multiple AI product & technology initiatives to successfully introduce innovative AI ML solutions in the market. Jerome has developed leading-edge technologies that range from pure software applications to electromechanical devices while being a key contributor to the design of innovative and successful consumer products that have shipped to millions of users. Jerome is also listed as inventor on more than 120 US patents and has published over 10 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles. Jerome holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.